Helping Others on their Travels


Located in the heart of Hollywood, California in Los Angeles. LA Garden Hostel accommodates travelers at rates lower than any hotel or motel, while offering a homelike comfort where travelers from all around the world and those in between moving can make friends with other travelers. As a non-profit, our mission is to offer a meaningful experience to all of our guest and promote cultural exchange. 


Comfortable Beds

Unlike other hostels, we do not have squeaky and weak metal or wooden bunk beds designed for children and with no privacy. Our proprietary beds are both private and completely sturdy. 


A Clean Facility

Unlike many hostels we take pride in our cleanliness. Our staff cleans every corner of our hostel daily, so our guest don’t have to worry about allergens, dirt or bugs that you will find at other hostels.


Friendly Staff

Our friendly and help staff is dedicated in helping you experience the best stay possible. It is our duty to ensure that your comfort and safety is at the highest level possible.